Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss

by Marc Bubbs ND

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You often hear that achieving your ideal weight is a matter of calories consumed and exercise. Unfortunately, that isn’t the whole story. Your body’s hormones control metabolism, muscle building, fat metabolism and appetite. Whether you are a very active athlete, exercise enthusiast or are seeking to shed a few pounds, achieving hormonal balance may be the missing link you need to lose weight, improve your health and perform better in the gym or on the playing field!

Available Course Credits

AAPTE 1.50
AASFP 0.20
ACE 0.20
ACSM 2.00
AFAA 2.00
AFPA 2.00
CHEK 2.00
CI 2.00
FAI 2.00
IFPA 2.00
ISFTA 2.00
ISSA 2.00
NASM 0.20
NBHWC 2.00
NCEP 2.00
NCSF 1.00
NESTA 0.20
NETA 2.00
NFPT 0.25
NSCA 0.30
NSPA 2.00
PAI 2.00
PTAG 2.00
PTIA 2.00
REPS NZ 1.50
REPs UAE 2.00
W.I.T.S. 2.00

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the important role of hormones in athletic training and weight loss.
  2. Explain the role of insulin and the consequences when insulin is out of balance.
  3. Describe the impacts of chronically high cortisol stress levels.
  4. Explain the importance of sleep on body composition.
  5. Describe how to achieve hormonal balance for long-term healthy weight loss.

Course Content

Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss

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